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Originally Posted by Orphia Nay View Post

I do hope we get a vaccine quickly. Last week I was saying we would soon.

I've been listening to a lot of doomsayers (not antivaxxers) who are scared of any new vaccine and say new ones take 3-5 years to test properly.

Meanwhile I'm happy to be a test subject. I had antibody testing done this week.
If you already have had the virus then there will be no point in giving you the virus other than to test its safety on people who already have had the virus.

There is always a % of people who get a vaccine, but never develop immunity to whatever. Then because they are testing they will deliberately give a fake vaccine (placebo) to some people. Then to all these people they deliberately give them the virus. If you have not been given a good vaccine then you will get the virus. Some people take months to recover. And that is even assuming you are healthy to start. They may give the vaccine to unhealthy people just to prove it works in this type of person. This even assumes that the vaccine works.

The above is not standard practice. They normally do not give people the virus, they just wait to see if these vaccinated people get it over a year or two. But in this case, doing this will cost many lives.

The above has been discussed in this thread.
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