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Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
I'm going to say the opposite. All the news on vaccines to date has been very positive, the stability of the virus says it should work well, and I reckon we're six months from the first vaccine being available.

The science looks pretty good, the production facilities are past ready to go, with some in production in hope, and I think quite a lot of countries* will keep the foot on M. Covid's throat until vaccination can be achieved.

This is probably why we should keep trying. We're already ~$15T in the hole, be a bit silly to waste it all.

*Not including every country other than Canada from the entire Americas.
I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I doubt that a truly effective vaccine is going to be developed, distributed, and administered in sufficient quantities, to have any serious effect on the pandemic. If a vaccine is developed it will be the first one ever that is effective against any type of coronavirus. There are of course first times for everything but history does not show promise. Secondly there is recent evidence that antibodies developed in those recently infected fade away significantly over several months. If this proves to be true then vaccinating significant portions of the world population on a continuing cycle two or 3 times a year is a logistics nightmare. I really do hope I am wrong about this but it does seem be to be reality. The optimistic reports from labs need to be backed up by evidence that the vaccines they are working on will be truly effective in the long term.
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