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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I doubt that a truly effective vaccine is going to be developed, distributed, and administered in sufficient quantities, to have any serious effect on the pandemic.
Without one, it's going to become endemic, so we certainly need one.

The alternative is to get used to three-score years and ten as your lot all over again.

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
If a vaccine is developed it will be the first one ever that is effective against any type of coronavirus.
I see this said a lot, and it's mostly misinformation.

First off, until SARS, nobody tried very hard to find a vaccine for coronaviruses, because there was no financial incentive for it. Who would bother getting a vaccine for one type of a harmless cold when there are still 400 other kinds you might get?

Then, with SARS, we got as far as making a vaccine, but it never made the market because SARS died out.

The main impediment to making a vaccine would be an unstable virus, and Covid is very stable, so it should be fairly straightforward - we have vaccines for other RNA viruses.
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