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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Well, it’s kinda hard to compare it to other coronavirus vaccines, isn’t it? And the current evidence of a limited time frame for the life of the antibodies makes it unreasonable to compare it to any long lasting vaccine. Influenza vaccines do seem to be the most similar to what can be expected from a COVID-19 vaccine.

And if I was mistaken about mutations then I rescind that comment. It was not important to my main point.
Why compare it to any vaccines we do have?

This may not interest anybody outside of a small circle of friends...

1) Genetic drift: the flu virus evolved to change it's outer proteins by frequent mutations to enable it to defeat the immune system and continually reinfect the same populations.

2) Genetic shift: flu virus has a unique ability to recombine with other flu viruses:
When the virus enters a cell, it splits into 9 segments. If two flu viruses enter the same cell, they shuffle the deck before recombining into whole viruses that go back together as the virus emerges from the cell
Measles and hepatitis B viruses are stable enough the vaccines for them have worked for decades.

We've yet to develop an HIV vaccine because the virus mutates continually defeating the immune response.

The point of all this is, COVID 19 vaccine will be what it will be. We don't know yet how long the immune response will be effective the same way we don't know how long antibodies will protect a person after natural infection.

There is no point in speculating. Wait for the data.

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