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Originally Posted by newyorkguy View Post
Dr Anthony Fauci is predicting rising numbers.

If the standard incubation period for Covid-19 is 10-14 days, I too am wondering what the numbers look like by say December 10th, when people infected over Thanksgiving weekend start getting sick.

By the way, polling still shows upwards of 70% of those polled would support -- from 'very likely' to 'somewhat likely' -- another shutdown if it is deemed necessary by public health officials. But people like that don't make news. Someone who says they will never support a shutdown, that this isn't the Soviet Union, that attracts views.

One of the things that I think will change on January 20, if not sooner, is that we will have scientists that aren't interfered with, and can actually formulate a plan that won't be overridden by a guy watching his reelection chances.

The problem with the lockdowns in the US was that they were never part of a grand strategy. The federal government never provided the leadership. Lockdowns can't be long term, so they only make sense if they are followed up by testing and contact tracing that leads to containment. That probably was never realistic for the US, but it certainly wasn't realistic with Trump and the helm sticking his fingers in the pie.
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