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Originally Posted by Aridas View Post
Just to be clear here, I quite disagree with that sentiment.
I certainly don't have any sort of inside information that says one way or another. I was just figuring that we ought to have been able to do as well as the average European country, but I don't see any reason we should have been able to do better than the best large European countries. So, way back when the first lockdown started happening, I envisioned that there would be several weeks of fairly tight lockdown, during which cases would drop to a very low number, and then we would have such a high testing capacity that we could swat the case numbers down everywhere they popped up.

That expectation doesn't seem realistic in retrospect, just based on the fact that only a few nations managed to achieve it, and the ones who did are islands, or are not very densely populated.

We could have done a lot better than we did, but I'm not sure it was realistic to think we could have done better than Germany.
Yes, yes. I know you are right. But would it hurt you to provide some information?
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