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Of course it's because he's the president. His words will have less meaning when he's given the boot, but he will always be a former president. The press reported Bush's unremarkable comments about Biden's victory because his words still carry weight. They're newsworthy. This is more so the case for Trump, who is poised to "lead" a movement (yes, it's actually just a self-glorifcation project).
Being a former president does garner some attention, but if George W had a twitter account (does he? I don't even know) it certainly wouldn't have near the traffic of Trump's. If George W. had one and broke all their rules, I doubt they would give him a pass because of his former preisdent status and the traffic that drives.

There's no shortage of celebrities on Twitter and they've been happy to permanently suspend a fair amount of them. Trump may retain a celebrity status out of office, but I'd be surprised if a year out he still commanded anything in the vicinity of his current traffic.

They've had no problem banning Steve Bannon, David Icke, David Duke and many others with significant followings.

I suspect that, regardless of what Trump tries to do out of office, most of the party will move on to a new figurehead. He may keep a loyal core, but if he stays out of prison, I suspect he''l be slightly more popular that Sarah Palin within four years. That wouldn't make him too much of a cash cow.
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