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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
If Republican leaders came out and said that Joe Biden is the President elect then there'd be much less traction for this kind of thing. Instead we have them supporting President Trump, echoing his "every legal vote", supporting his lawsuits and making reference to a second Trump term.

People would be more sanguine about an orderly transfer of power if the GOP seemed at all interested in it. Instead they seem to be doing everything they can to obstruct and frustrate. At the moment it's "just" not allowing the release of funds for the transition and not allowing Joe Biden access to security briefings - in part because the US public aren't making a big deal out of it.

If they (they in this case being both the national Republican leadership and the state leaders in those states) think that the blowback will be worth it, then why not take these entirely legal steps ?

edited to add......

We've heard it so many times in recent years, "They won't/can't do that". Whether it's refusing even to consider a SCOTUS nominee and then forcing through another in similar circumstances, the myriad cases of President Trump behaving in ways which would have bene previously unthinkable or embracing groups who would otherwise be anathema to the party, the GOP is breaking new ground all the time.
A few GOP leaders have begun to make some cautious noises indicating acceptance of Biden's win- Rubio referred to Biden as President-elect, for one. (The Hill article via MSN) Senator Risch from Idaho came up with an analogy for the transition that kind of struck me-
"This is my second transition where we move from one political party to another in the White House," he said Friday, describing the incoming administration as having "an entirely different feeling or dynamic."

"It is a change in the music that is playing in the background. We go from heavy metal to classical music in one fell swoop," he added.
(Donald Trump as heavy metal- and not the heavy metal I grew up with, more the cacophonous mess with one-note sludge on guitars and guttural growls passing for vocals that seems so popular these days, and you kids get offa my damn lawn!)

But I think the game going forward will be to paint Biden's Presidency as somehow tainted by the allegations of fraud that they themselves, as a party, are responsible for. It'll become a self-feeding and self-serving narrative- Biden narrowly won- and never mind that his EC count will be the same as the one Trump claimed as a landslide, and his popular vote margin probably close to six million. That specious taint will let them pose piously, when they block his SC nominations or policy initiatives, as the folks who, after all, kept a Senate majority and increased their House share.* This was the rationale they used to block Obama's SC pick in 2016 and to ram through their own this year, and there was never any controversy about Obama's election; imagine what they will do with Biden when they can paint his election as somewhat questionable.

*They've claimed to be the "voice of the American people" through their Senate majority; to me, that particular voice is a deliberately fragmented one, Americans speaking as New Yorkers or Texans, Floridians or Californians, each speaking for its own interests and only superficially resembling a chorus carrying a common tune. It's true enough that the popular vote isn't what elects presidents; but I think it's only fair to remind Republicans who claim to speak with an "American voice" that, when Americans have actually spoken as a whole to elect a representative common to them all, only once in 32 years has the GOP managed a win- Bush in 2004, and that was with a margin that was only about half of what Biden has so far.
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