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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
As far as I am concerned, the spirit world gave me a special dispensation
of a lottery win that was just enough money to buy a computer at a time when I had no money. But they have never said they would give me another win or a big win, and I don't think they ever will because that would be karmic.
I would be taking money away from other winners by using occult trickery and its not normally allowed. Its generally against the spirits laws.

I have a new computer, because I inherited money from an uncle, so I am not still using the computer I purchased in 1998 and I don't need any money.
Oh for crying out loud!

Now you are saying that there are "spirit laws".

If so, then I guess that there are ...

"spirit policemen" to enforce these spirit laws,
"spirit courts" to adjudicate these spirit laws,
"spirit prisons" to house the spirits who violate spirit laws,
"spirit archives" to record all of the cases of spirit laws,

and so on.

You just need to face the fact that you are a delusional person who needs help.
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