Thread: [Continuation] Qanon Conspiracy Theories Part Two
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Hot Qanon news!

Ashli Babbit is alive! (maybe in hiding with Archduke Ferdinand?)

I won't post a link to the video "proving" this, but you can find it if you're inclined.

It was sent to me for a critique of the firearms related part of the theory.

It's on a par with the standard JFK nonsense with a side of modern Qanon nuttiness thrown in for good measure (she was a deep cover C.I.A. agent)

I was also sent a video of a retired Air Force Lt. General who is neck deep in the woo. He's so wack he was banned from Fox for floating the story that John McCain was broken by the ChiComs during captivity and was a working "Manchurian Candidate."
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