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Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
This is exactly what theprestige was talking about. No one here is attempting to normalize Trump. Certainly not I.
But I was responding to theprestige, who has repeatedly tried to portray Trump as just another politician.

Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
This discussion is really about whether or not these docs are acting professionally. The actual mental state of Donald Trump is irrelevant to that.
No, that's the only discussion YOU want to have -- and only on your own terms at that -- staying carefully away from the issue of whether or not Trump's obvious mental illness makes him dangerous, you keep running the discussion around the same pointless circles. I get it that you are more concerned about protecting the "professionalism" of the APA than you are about the welfare of the planet, and I get it that you refuse to recognize what I see as a clear ethical dilemma, but banging that "unprofessional" drum should not make anyone feel better about the danger we're all in.

Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
No. This is about attempts to normalize unprofessional behavior. Those who argue that these professionals are acting responsibly are effectively lowering the mental health professions to the level of stuff like Scientology -pure woo. These arguments might as well be on the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (an anti-psychiatry/psychology Scientology front group) web site.

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And this is baloney that doesn't deserve comment.
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