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I see how you healed yourself. A young you didn't fit well in the world of your parents and that world seen you as the misfit, and reacted.

As time passed and with it the world of the past you learned to conform some and found a place in a more spirituality based group.
There you became normal, thus healed. No more an oddity among another normal.

And there you matured and became functional in other areas. In society also probably.

But it was you that made the choices and changes based on the influences around you.

That doesn't make a spirit world real to all of us, nor karma or chakras or whatever.

It was the tool, the guidance you needed to become 'healed' of a scarred youth. For that it has deep value to you.

It's a path many of us took. Just change the details. For me a term in the military was the maturing point and finding others on the fringes of popular society that are a more diverse and forgiving lot than the 'normal' folks. It gave me the confidence to get back into other areas again.
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