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Henriboy is not even trying anymore. Putting forth a source that has literally copied and pasted from inmate's website is evidence of Henriboy's cognitive laziness. All of the defense issues regarding the Pajama Top Theory were addressed at the 1979 trial and that piece of evidence continues to hold strong.

For the past 39 years, MacDonald's advocates have been unable to formulate a salient rebuttal to the following issues.

- The pajama top had been handled to the point where the yarns in each hole had returned to their original position. This made it impossible to determine whether a specific hole was created from the outside in or the inside out.

- All 48 holes were perfectly round with no torn edges indicating the top was stationary when punctured.

- All of the holes in Colette's pajama top were in the same condition and the pathologist reported that her body was inert when the holes were created.

- In 1974, Shirley Green was able to find a singular pattern using 3 different techniques. Five years later, Green was able to replicate that same pattern using the same 3 techniques.
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