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Originally Posted by JTF View Post
- All of the holes in Colette's pajama top were in the same condition and the pathologist reported that her body was inert when the holes were created.

- In 1974, Shirley Green was able to find a singular pattern using 3 different techniques. Five years later, Green was able to replicate that same pattern using the same 3 techniques.

You must speak only as to facts in a court case and not to opinions by people like those FBI agents who were not real experts. There is a great big question mark for a start as to whether the fabric was stationary when the holes were made. I agree with Dr. Thornton that the whole thing was conceptually unsound and probably forensic fraud by the FBI lab. The matter was discussed in detail by Dr. Thornton at the 1979 MacDonald trial:


Q Any further basis for your opinion in that regard?
A No. I think that is sufficient. With respect to hole number 48, Mr. Stombaugh hasn't designated that as being one way or the other or whether he cannot determine that. So, I can't properly evaluate that particular hole in the pajama top.
But on the basis of the six foregoing discrepancies, I think that this is impossible.

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