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Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post

But who is it making the claim as to if they are white or not here. Well since the data posted is from the 2017 US American Community Survey Data, then it is Americans self reporting. 73% of Americans consider themselves as White
Because there is no US census race category for Amerindian, Hispanic or Latino. You walked yourself right into this mess and you're trying to dig your way out of but it's not working.

This is what happens when you base your argument on a cursory skimming of Wikipeida. You're not understanding the context of what you're reading.

You are still at odds with yourself:

ICE kicks out Amerindians/Hispanics/Latinos -- those Phantomwolf calls "brown people."

US is more white than New Zealand, at 73% white, because Amerindians/Hispanics/Latinos are white.

Good luck trying to square that, you can't. Next time don't get yourself into this mess in the first place.

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