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Originally Posted by Hlafordlaes View Post
Not sure the USA will survive this. Granted, online comments can be skewed to vocal minorities, but the virulence and sheer quantity of - to use the technical term - nonsense Trump supporters are now wed to at the hip is almost overwhelming to witness, extending across multiple media.

The barbarians are at the gates, and are likely to do great damage. The next Republican in the WH will run on Trumpism, if it's not Trump himself, and that will be the end and fall of Rome, as the electoral promises will center on jailing, even executing, political enemies, the core central demand now of Banana Republicans. And we all know how obsessed Trump is with delivering the promised red meat, and how amoral and bloodthirsty mass hysteria is.

Of all my desires today, the foremost is that Europe dump Poland and Hungary, along with Slovenia, and any other budding authoritarians, even if that leaves just Germany, France, and, say, Spain, as large member nations. Next is to fully engage in Macron's vision of building European defenses, apart from other reasons also to keep Europe more broadly engaged in advanced manufacturing. Time to realize that one cannot trust the USA any longer, not without extreme peril, in spite of today's many fine Biden voters.

Post Trump, there may be no putting the American fascism genie back in the bottle, not until after a major conflict, or nuclear war. That's what it took last time, and the world is real short on lessons learned.
I agree with this broadly, but it's important to point out that this coming fascism will be enabled by milquetoast liberalism that refuses to deal with the real and immediate crisis that is creating an atmosphere of extreme desperation that is necessary for fascism to thrive.

As much as Trump was a reaction to failed promises of the Obama presidency, the next fascist will likely be a reaction to the effete technocratic liberalism on offer from the Biden administration. Fascists lie and engage in conspiratorial thinking, but there is absolutely a core of truth beneath all the nonsense to fuel the sense of grievance. The elites do detest ordinary Americans, the politicians are totally out of touch and don't care for our suffering, and nothing is going to be done to change that until they are removed from the levers of power.

For the fascists, that means seizing power and carving out a small position of comfort for the "real Americans" by crushing their political enemies and brutally exploiting and oppressing undesirable populations.

it would be nice if there were a response to these real grievances besides do-nothing neoliberalism and overt fascism, but I'm not really seeing much on offer on the national level.

Brunching our way to doom!
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