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Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
My recollection is that Kushner does but Ivanka actually doesn't, because of nepotism laws passed after JFK appointed his brother AG. Not sure about that however.

Jarrod's title is Senior Advisor to the President. He is appointed by Trump, and takes no salary (so far).

Ivanka's title is Advisor to the President. She is appointed by Trump and takes no salary (so far).

Aside from the implication of rank suggested by the use of "Senior" in their titles there is no functional administrative difference between the two. A 1978 statute has been seen by some (Kushner's lawyers among them, not surprisingly) as clearly superseding the 1967 law provoked by Bobby Kennedy's appointment, but even that may not have had any relevance.

Here's some discussion of the question.
Ironically, Bill Clinton's appointment of Hillary to spearhead healthcare reform in his administration might prove beneficial to Kushner's case. Two federal judges ruled in favor of Clinton's nomination, reasoning that antinepotism laws do not include "a White House special assistant." Additionally, their ruling emphasized that the antinepotism law would only apply to paid positions.

Kushner's lawyer, former Bill Clinton Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, has stressed that he would not be breaking the antinepotism law, according to The Washington Post. Gorelick cited another federal law, passed in 1978, that gave the president permission to hire staffers "without regard" to personnel laws.
The WaPo article they cite is worth a peek, too.

So, no technical difference between Kushner's job and Ivanka's, really. Which one Trump actually thinks of as the "senior" of the two is anybody's guess. In a toe-to-toe disagreement between them I'd put my money on Trump listening to Ivanka first ... if he was to listen to either of them, that is.
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