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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
(There are actually a few studies on what, given all these common symptoms, triggers people to seek medical attention. But I digress.)
So do I then, but I was wondering: Women appear to seek professional medical attention for their ailments much more frequently than men, at least in my country, so could that be the reason why women seem to be much more prone to mass hysteria (I don't know about mass psychogenic illness) than men? - with shrinking penis syndrome being one of the exceptions!

It also occurs to me that the way the case of the alleged sonic attack victims is handled right now will only serve to prolong the outbreak:
Some responses by authorities to MPI are not appropriate. Intense media coverage seems to exacerbate outbreaks. Once it is determined that the illness is psychogenic, it should not be given credence by authorities. For example, in the Singapore factory case study, calling in a medicine man to perform an exorcism seemed to perpetuate the outbreak
which is also what happened in Denmark with the HPV vaccine scare mentioned above.
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