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Originally Posted by Sherkeu View Post
Exactly. How does a doctor verify 'hearing loss' independent of the patients reporting?

Normal hearing tests use tones where the patient raises their hand when they can hear it. To really determine it, they'd have to look at how the brain itself responds to sound, independent of what the person says they can/cannot hear.
It just occurred to me why it would be difficult to fake a test:

I already mentioned my experience when I was being drafted for the Danish army and examined by the medical board, and they seemed to be convinced of my deficient hearing. You are right about the hearing tests requiring the cooperation of the test subject. They play sounds at different frequencies, and they can also turn the volume up and down. At one point the doctor who was testing me looked suspicious, and I could see that at some of the frequencies he was obviously turning the volume up to the maximum level of the apparatus, and I still couldn't hear a damn thing.
I think that faking deafness at certain frequencies would require perfect pitch as well as memory: You would have to be able to recognize and remember the exact frequencies where you pretend to be deaf, and you would also have to be a very good actor when the volume is turned up above the pain threshold and you pretend that it doesn't bother you!
At the time, I was annoyed that I wasn't deemed unfit as cannon fodder, and I think that I considered if I ought to have faked being deafer than I actually was in order to be rejected by the medical board, but I don't think that I would have been able to pull it off.
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