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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
I don't want to have to don the tinfoil hat, but this increasingly sounds like a manufactured crisis in order to dismantle diplomatic relationships with Cuba and erase yet another Obama accomplishment

It sounds like a 60's fantasy, undisclosed "weapons" targeting US diplomats and IMO it's even more ridiculous when Cuban diplomats are being expelled for not doing enough to stop an "attack" where it's not clear that an attack happened and no-one can say who is suspected of the attack and how they might have carried it out.
You aren't wearing a tinfoil hat to come to the more reasonable conclusion. The hatters LOVE this story!
A couple days ago the AP news was that the first 'diplomats' affected, just days after Trumps election, were intelligence officers... aka SPIES! It seems several sources were willing to confirm this to reporters. Adding legs to the 'attack' story?

But I don't believe it was manufactured from the start. They took it, fed it, and grew it to ridiculous proportions.

If you have ever watched young children play and one of them falls or scrapes a knee, there is a moment where they look up to gauge the adult reaction. Stay calm and the kid isn't likely to cry. They stop for a few seconds and go on playing. Rush in and make a big deal and not only will the fallen kid cry, but the other kids get worried and upset as well!
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