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Originally Posted by Sherkeu View Post
Agree, that particular description is exaggerated but the basics were all in that short article.

As for the attacks, my current theory is insecticide fogging. I bet they fogged/sprayed heavily in late November before visitors arrived for Castro's funeral. Cuba had been fogging a lot that year for the Zika virus.

If that is the case, people would feel sick in bed, but not when they left the room. Not because of the attack, but because of their altitude as the chemicals hang in low spaces.

OK, so you now you seem to think that we're dealing with an actual disease, even though symptoms disappearing when people leave the room or the building is usually considered to be a tell-tale sign that what you're dealing with is sick-building syndrome, i.e. mass psychogenic illness.
And why do you think that "insecticide fogging" would produce hearing loss, mild concussions and the rest of the symptoms allegedly exhibited by the American spies/diplomats? And why wouldn't any Cubans in the area suffer the same symptoms? Because they're used to the fogging?
Even the super-sonic blasters are beginning to sound more credible - at least in comparison to this.
I've been in Havana, La Lisa, when fumigación was carried out in a residential area (against ordinary mosquitos), and no fogging seemed to remain 20 minutes later when people were allowed to go back inside - maybe because the buildings are usually very open to the rest of the world. At the Hotel Capri they probably have air conditioning, but even so, I've never come across air-tight doors and windows in Cuba so I don't think that your hypothesis is air-tight.
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