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Originally Posted by dann View Post
And why do you think that "insecticide fogging" would produce hearing loss, mild concussions and the rest of the symptoms allegedly exhibited by the American spies/diplomats? And why wouldn't any Cubans in the area suffer the same symptoms? Because they're used to the fogging?
Even the super-sonic blasters are beginning to sound more credible - at least in comparison to this.
I've been in Havana, La Lisa, when fumigación was carried out in a residential area (against ordinary mosquitos), and no fogging seemed to remain 20 minutes later when people were allowed to go back inside - maybe because the buildings are usually very open to the rest of the world. At the Hotel Capri they probably have air conditioning, but even so, I've never come across air-tight doors and windows in Cuba so I don't think that your hypothesis is air-tight.
I was looking at what was different in Cuba during that time. Spraying for Zika was something done aggressively all during 2016 and into 2017. Heavier spraying before world leaders came to Cuba in late November is probable. Cuba had boasted of just 3 cases of Zika in Sept 2016 when neighbors had thousands. For months they did not update. It turned out in later reports that a Zika outbreak did arrive and by May they announced the total was up to nearly 1900 cases.

It's also probable that Castros death sent US intelligence officers to Cuba in November. It's also a near certainty that Cuba tried to spy on them and the US has evidence of Cuban agents being nearby during the 'attacks' (since they are always nearby, right?). But since it cannot be said for sure, here we are.

And I think I have a possible theory of how all this relates to that insect noise, and ultrasound - all are normal events that fit together quite easily and do not involve any covert sonic attack. I'm currently missing some info on my proposed bug's capabilities.

eta: You are right that a missing piece is why just US workers and some Canadians? If it is environmental, then it should affect everyone, right? There would need to be some way to verify that the best-supported cases are isolated from the population surrounding them and then look for common denominators among that isolated group. I don't think it's possible to do this beyond speculation. There just isn't enough information.

*I do find it interesting that a small group of reporters seem to break all the new info from 'sources' and no one from Obama's Cuba team or Trumps is complaining of leaks or laying blame, or even being skeptical of the verity of attack claims in general.

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