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Originally Posted by Delphic Oracle View Post
The escort is possibly just a formality. You'd have to surrender your credentials at the security station and from that point on, need an escort to move around the facility.

ETA: Not a whole lot of weight to "storming" the residence either, necessarily. A moment of hot-headed impropriety before being stopped at a checkpoint and reminded she doesn't have access to that part of the building and a few irritable words could have been all it was. I don't like to feed into the "fake news" thing, but it is a profit-driven business and sensationalism sells. Given the personalities in this administration, its not hard to find a few people happy to give quotes indicating a contentious stand-off as (conveniently anonymous) parting blows.
But that doesn't make good television, and this is the first reality television based administration. So can't she raise her game just a bit for the sake of ratings?
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