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Originally Posted by Delphic Oracle View Post
The escort is possibly just a formality. You'd have to surrender your credentials at the security station and from that point on, need an escort to move around the facility.

ETA: Not a whole lot of weight to "storming" the residence either, necessarily. A moment of hot-headed impropriety before being stopped at a checkpoint and reminded she doesn't have access to that part of the building and a few irritable words could have been all it was. I don't like to feed into the "fake news" thing, but it is a profit-driven business and sensationalism sells. Given the personalities in this administration, its not hard to find a few people happy to give quotes indicating a contentious stand-off as (conveniently anonymous) parting blows.
I think they are basically saying she attempted to storm the residence. But you are 100 percent right. My guess is she had a temper tantrum at a checkpoint and then was asked to leave the entire White House grounds and an escort accompanied her to the gate. Having seen the childish way Omarosa acted on The Apprentice, nothing would surprise me about that woman.
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