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Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
Uh, that India and Pakistan have been fighting and having border clashes since 1947 seems to have passed you by.
Pakistan and India haven't been in direct military conflict since 1999.

Now, if India had launched airstrikes against actual Pakistani military, or against their command and control apparatus, I'd be very concerned. Especially if the strikes were followed by major Indian mobilization, or by moves of Pakistan to begin assembling a nuclear weapon, or something like that.

But this? Bombing a miserable pile of terrorists that happen to be camped just across the Pakistani border? Not really that worrisome. No more worrisome than the repeated incursions by such (Pakistani-sponsored) terrorists into India.

You don't run around starting threads about "Pakistan launches ground attacks on India" every time one of these terrorist groups does its thing. Why does this particular incident worry you so much? Weren't you already expecting that sooner or later India would do exactly this, and with good reason?
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