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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
How the **** is Biden still leading in support among Democrats?
The myth that has driven Democrat election losses for over a decade, that a mislabeled Republican is the only "Democrat" who can win a general election, is unexplainably powerful. We have a few people still touting it even here, after having repeatedly ignored not only all presentations of the facts/logic that counter it but also all requests for some facts/logic to support it.

Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
The Democrats are going to lose again, big time, because they are trying to campaign on issues and Trump is steamrolling through again based on knee-jerk emotionalism.
That could hardly miss any wider. The last Presidential loss was with somebody who persistently avoided ever mentioning issues and tried an entirely emotion-based campaign. The fact that that failed is one of the reasons why the ones who are focusing on issues are doing so. (That, and because the issues are what they actually believe in and are motivated by in the first place.)

Originally Posted by TragicMonkey View Post
I think a Bernie VP to Warren's Pres would work better than the other way around.
Others may look at the idea of a potential team-up between those two as having one of them run as the other's VP, but what I had in mind was actually one of them dropping out entirely and then just strictly campaigning for the other, while someone less age-discrimination-prone takes the VP spot.

If one of them hasn't quit by the time the real caucuses roll around (and Biden hasn't bidenized yet by then), I'll get pretty angry at both.
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