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Originally Posted by Michel H View Post
I don't think I ever said such things.

However, I do think that the current lesson drawn from World War 2 (which is, roughly, that Adolf Hitler was very, very bad, and that the UK and US were the great heroes which saved Europe from Nazism), while not being completely wrong, is nevertheless very inaccurate and misleading, and leads to (mostly unpleasant) political phenomena like Donald Trump and his beliefs.

The UK and France did not really have to (illegally) declare war to Germany in 1939 (the French declaration of war was illegal because it was never voted by parliament, and therefore violated the constitution of the third republic of the time), the Allies did not have to demand unconditional surrender of Germany in January 1943, and they also did not have to massively bomb and invade Germany, and execute its (remaining) political and military leaders after fake one-sided trials. These policies had, of course, terrible (and mostly unfair) consequences for the Jews, because Hitler was (wrongly) convinced that the Jews were responsible for all his troubles.

After the persecutions during World War 2, the Jews got a new State (Israel), and I think that's a good thing, because it shows that the world has not forgotten.

Regarding ISIS, I don't "admire" it, but I believe it is a brutal resistance movement, which developed in Iraq because of the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US (and some other countries) in 2003, and because of excessive US support for Israel. Unfortunately, when you bomb and invade illegally another country, you usually don't encourage the most delicate and refined intellectuals in that country.
This is garbage.
A lot of it would not be out of place on an open Nazi Apologists website.
Still trying to figure out why the US and UK being proud of the part they played in briging down the Third Reich led to Donald Trump.
And how hell were the Allies going to defeat Nazi Germany without "Massively Invading " it.....
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