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More on reasons for the 'cover up' , it's not because the Govt knows Bigfoot is real and can't let it out...
Originally Posted by Ron Pine
The second idea iabove is absolutely impossible. Actual coverups, however, that are not on a totally impossible scale, can and do occur, The issue here is one of terminology and classification. What is the minimum number of people that must be involved and how serious must the matter be that is being hidden befefore it can be called a coverup? Some folks would say that if Little Johnny was engaged in petty theft, and the teacher who caught him and the principal who was told about it told no one else and did nothing about it because the student's father was a very powerful man in town, that could be considered a coverup. I would regard that as a more serious matter, however, than Hoover seeing to it that as few people as possible were allowed to know certain facts that would be embarrassing to him.
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