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Originally Posted by MBDK View Post
I agree. However, if you read my deconstruction of AOC's facebook post, it doesn't add up, and makes the entire premise questionable. Jumping to the conclusions, people such as you have done, since there has been no collaborating evidence so far, is NOT the way any skeptic should behave. You could very well turn out to be correct, but as of today, the evidence is purely speculative.
Hmmm, aside from whatever conclusions you are assuming I have jumped to (and the delicious irony such a claim pours over the thread), I will say that your "deconstruction" was not very convincing. It really read more like a post hoc rationalization as to why you think children of immigrants should be responsible for being flown in against their will to a quarantined hot spot of an extremely contagious viral outbreak. Too much bitters, needs more savory fact checking.
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