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The question of whether or not people should enter illegally is one thing. The question of why is another. I believe it's possible to address the two things separately.
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As for the last point, this thread started out about AOC confronting ICE agents who were shipping kids into detention in New York.
Allegedly. Nothing on the facebook post actually confirmed that.
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You can believe AOC was wrong to make a fuss, and you can believe ICE behaved well and did everything properly, but that does not require that you believe the thing never happened at all.
True. However, BECAUSE I do believe if this was happening, that it was wrong, it is a matter of some concern, and an allegation not to be taken lightly. The facts, as presented in the FB post, are as fishy as the Jussie Smollett story. I already pointed out the timeline discrepancies, and there was nothing in the video that confirmed the suspicions raised by AOC. Here is what the video did NOT show, that any competent investigator would have included.
1. The person was never identified on camera as actually being an ICE employee. He appeared to flash a badge inside his coat, but there is no way to tell what type it is, or agent's ID number, if he was ICE.
2. No footage of the actual children was shown. Privacy concerns, if any, could be resolved with pixelations.
3. He was going to give her a contact number, but that was not shown, either, so we cannot verify this was an ICE operation by association.
4. Nothing else was recorded that confirmed any other details consistent with the story-line.

Finally, with all the concern from a congresswoman, where was the actual media, and why are there no news reports of this event other than her post (at least as far as I could find)? ICE does have a media contact point. From their website - "For media inquiries about ICE activities, operations, or policies, contact the ICE Office of Public Affairs (OPA) at (202) 732-4646".

As such, the narrative for what is actually happening is seriously lacking support, and actually contains elements of a set-up. Again, without more information one way or another, no honest unprejudiced conclusion can be drawn.
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