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Originally Posted by Egg View Post
I was actually trying to make the point that I don't think Trump supporters are sociopaths (in most cases), but you seemed to be pushing back against calling them ignorant.
More a case of pushing back against assuming malice and idiocy on the part of "them". Regardless of who "we" are.

Unfortunately, it's something that humans are highly prone to do. We create "others" and then we demonize them. It's deep down in there. It takes effort and will to overcome it, at least somewhat.

Originally Posted by Egg View Post
For many of these issues, there are objective facts, not just value judgments and I know we can't always be certain we have the facts right, but we can be following science, checking the reliability of sources and knowing enough about how things work to recognize conspiracy theories for what they are.

I'm not even getting into QAnon CTs or Biden crime family nonsense here. If someone is downplaying Covid, is there another option than ignorance?
Yes, there's another option. There's also the perspective of the tradeoff in place between semi-lockdown with very limited business functionality in order to prevent disease spread... and the economic impact (which may be a long term thing) of those limitations. For some people, it's not a case of ignorance, it's a case of their risk assessment.

I can empathize with that view. I'm in a pretty safe position, able to work from home in an industry that's not going under from covid shut-downs and limits. But I know people who've had their businesses go under, who have been let go, who have had massive reductions in their income as a result. For them, the risk of getting sick doesn't outweigh the risk of losing their homes and their income and going bankrupt.

For many people, when they say "Covid isn't that big a deal", they're not saying that people aren't getting sick and some dying. They're saying "I don't know anyone who has died from this personally... but I just lost my job and I won't be able to pay my mortgage and there's no new job in sight for me for the foreseeable future, so the tradeoff isn't worth it."
The distance between the linguistic dehumanization of a people and their actual suppression and extermination is not great; it is but a small step. - Haig Bosmajian
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