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Originally Posted by Emily's Cat View Post
More a case of pushing back against assuming malice and idiocy on the part of "them". Regardless of who "we" are.

Unfortunately, it's something that humans are highly prone to do. We create "others" and then we demonize them. It's deep down in there. It takes effort and will to overcome it, at least somewhat.
So what is the motivation of their support? Clearly going back to how it was before obamacare is a clear thing they want, so bringing back preexisting conditions and lifetime maximums. Sure they make broad claims about wanting everyone to be able to get health care for less but they never have a plan about how to actually achieve that, so it is either totally magical thinking of wanting something enough will make it happen or they know that it isn't going to happen.

So keeping the Mexicans, blacks and gays in their place really seems to be the biggest alignment of their ideals and the achievements of the republican party.
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