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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
Yeah but Biden's base is shaky. Either a significant number of or small but loud percentage of people on the Left are:

- Mad that it was Biden and not Bernie because they wanted a progressive obstructionist not a centrist who might actually get something accomplished.
- Mad that it was Biden because Biden won and their entire persona is based on a "America is rotten and not savable and I'm better than you because I'm already dancing on its grave" mentality that would have been served a lot better via a Biden loss.

He can't be seen "playing nice" with McConnell.
I don't want to see him playing nice with Mitch McConnell because Mitch McConnell is a proven snake with a history of promising absolutely anything when he needs bipartisan cooperation before stabbing Dems in the back first chance he gets. Am I a Bernie Bro or do I hate America?
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