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Originally Posted by pgwenthold View Post
There is a thread on this over in Social Issues, where I have pointed out that they DO say how they have been harmed. It is usually something like, "Gay marriage would tell my kids that homosexuality is acceptable, but our religion says it is wrong."

(admittedly, that isn't really harm to heterosex marriage, but to heterosexual parents)

Of course, translated, what they are saying is, "Gay marriage would undermine my attempts to teach my kids that homos are evil." It's not a surprise that this argument doesn't hold up in court.
That was an excellent post of yours. Well said.

If I can summon up the spirit of George Carlin for a moment, there seems to be a pscychotic concern about "the children." Oh heavens, how can we explain homosexuality to the children? What will the children think? To which George Carlin said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Eff the children."

Homosexuality is part of life. Deal with it.

Marital infidelity is part of life, too, and we heard the same concerns when it became clear that Bill Clinton was having trouble with his self-control. Oh, how can we explain that to the children?? There was, of course, marital infidelity among people of all political persuasions, but it seemed that the parents were troubled only about explaining Clinton's infidelity.

And good grief, war is an unfortunate part of life. Did anyone ever suggest that WWII not be fought because it would be hard to explain the horrors of war to the children?

And financial ruin is a part of life, too. And natural disasters. And birth defects, and shootings and cancer and gangsterism and torture and homelessness and Alzheimer's and terrorists and plane crashes and drug abuse and religious fanaticism and nuclear weapons.... Is a homosexual marriage more difficult to explain to kids than any of these?

There's a lot of awful stuff in life, some of which parents may wish didn't exist, but it does. They need to deal with it.
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