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The Minnesota Iceman

Reading the thread about the Cardiff Giant reminded me of a similar scam that I had all but forgotten:
The Minnesota Iceman

I saw this attraction at our local annual fair (The Red River Exhibition) back in the 60s & 70s (yes, I paid to see it more than once). I remember seeing something about it on TV so when I saw the exhibit at the fair I was very excited. The guy who gave the spiel was very smooth and had a number of well rehearsed answers for any skeptical questioners. It all made perfect sense to me at the time.

I remember him explaining that as the ice sublimated and was replaced with fresh ice it would become cloudier and cloudier until it would eventually become useless as an exhibit at which time he planned to turn it over to "medical science" for a full examination. I swallowed it all - hook, line & sinker.

Years later I read that the whole thing had been exposed as a fake and the original manufacturer had come forward and admitted their involvment. I thought that was the end of the story but according to the timeline in the above article the fake Iceman was switched for the real one in 1969 implying that the "real" one is still around somewhere.

This does not agree with events as I remember them because I know the last time I saw the iceman was post 1970 and they were still spinning the same yarn then.

The "real" Minnesota Iceman is probably spinning in his frozen grave where ever he is... or maybe not. Perhaps he's propping up a bar in somebody's basement rec-room just waiting for the right opportunity to re-emerge.
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