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POI crashed after Groethe left

This isn't about a particular episode of POI, but I would like to say that the quality of the shows went down after Groethe left and Mooney came aboard.

Chris, we get it. You don't like Republicans. It's ok to disagree with them, though, you don't have to pathologize everything they do.

I'm no Republican. Far from it. But "The Republican Brain" does not qualify as a work of skepticism, but of political ideology.

Ronald Lindsay (politely since Mooney is affiliated with CFI) pointed out some serious flaws with the book. It's here www [dot] centerforinquiry [dot] net/blogs/entry/a_closer_look_at_the_republican_brain/

I like listening to liberals. I enjoy Rachel Maddow, miss the hell out of Christopher Hitchens, and listen to The Non-Prophets and Godless Bitches regularly. But Mooney doesn't seem to acknowledge or even understand his biases and it is infuriating. It leads me to the, perhaps unfair, conclusion that he's just not that bright.
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