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Perhaps the most insulting thing about this whole business is that while the Holocaust has been so thoroughly documented, it is still being denied by people who have the intelligence to know better.

In some cases, tattoos fade. They never really go away completely, but given the behavior of the deniers, it wouldn't surprise me if someone were to photoshop out Weisel's tattoo, then claim he never had one. And while I'd love to see Weisel pull his sleeve up and poke the deniers in the eyes with that abominable mark, he's well within his rights to tell them to go to the Hell they richly deserve.

Reading Weisel's book, Night, and the essays which have followed have left a painful mark for me. I read the book in one evening, then couldn't sleep for the next two. We deceive ourselves when we say "It can't happen here," because in ages past, it did. We just got better press for it, complete with John Wayne in Cavalry Blue popping off shots with a Winchester and a couple of Colts, saving the wagon train. (Factually, more settlers died from disease and accidental gunshots, and most of those who made it were actually helped more often than not by the very Indians who wound up being forced off their land and onto reservations.)

The deniers aren't simply denying the Holocaust. They are denying their own humanity, their own rights as members of the human community. They aren't simply disgracing themselves, but the very societies they claim to support. Most Germans, to my mind, would rather own up and deal with this open wound and allow it to heal rather than perpetuate this monstrous lie.
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