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The thing is -- and I think Weisel would agree with this -- he has absolutely nothing to prove to the Saggys of the world. It is a little the Obama birth certificate, even if he showed Birthers the "original" it wouldn't satisfy them in any fashion, so why play the game.

Indeed, the burden is entirely on Saggy and his ilk...and that burden isn't poking holes in the memory of old men who may or may not have got all details is showing systematically that the vast paper trail of documents, trial testemony, archetechtual drawings, film footage and scholarly study is wrong and wrong in some critical game changing way.

Just as the Irvings of the world comb through the detritus of Nazism and say: aha! There's no signed order by Hitler (btw, what documents do you think they were buring in the Chancellory and the bunker in that last month of the war? Hitler's DMV certificate? His marraige licence? His mortgage?), there for in spite of all of the recorded statements by Hitler that the Jews deserved distruction and that the war was a war of destruction they broght down on themselves, there was no holocaust.

So here's the challenge to Saggy and his ilk. The holocaust exists and is completely proven until you can produce a paper from Hitler, from Himmler, from Goebles, from Bormann, from Gorieng, From Frick, from Hydrich, from Eichman saying: don't harm the jews. Don't put them in Ghettos. Don't restrict their access to the outside world. Don't round them up. Don't close their businesses. Don't move them East. Don't.

There are no documents saying "don't". There are no official inquireries from Berlin demanding that the German Army not abuse Jews. There are no prohibitions for illegal arrest of entire populations. There are no orders demanding refugee jewish populations get more food. There are no orders requiring that German forces and German police treat jews and all non germans with respect and respect their basic human rights. There are no orders prohibiting medical experimentation on unwilling prisoners. There are no orders demanding that Jews be treated immediately for typhus (to put to rest the cannard that whatever deaths occured it was because of diseases in overcrowded conditions), and there are no orders to not create overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

So, in short there are no orders contraveneing the mistreatment of jews and other minorities.

So Saggy, you prove the negative. No orders contravening any of these activities by your own flawless logic suggests to me that all of these activities occured...oh, yes, and besides, there are literally hundreds of tons of documents, testimony, pictures and films explicitly demonstrating that the activities for which there were not contrevening orders for, specifically and exactly occured.
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