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Originally Posted by TSR View Post
And, given that this is CODOH, how can we be sure the money is actually available for this "reward?"

I mean, this is after all the forum favoured by Greg Gerdes with his bogus and ever-changing "NAFCASH" challenge.

Give us a heads up when the money can be confirmed to be in escrow with appropriate instructions for disbursement, and maybe it would be worth someone's time to acquire such a photo.

Those instructions would need to cover the issue that such a photo would automatically be characterized as faked, and so detail how it would be authenticated, just so no one moves the goal posts...

Then you can tell us all how the presence or absence of a tattoo would make a bit of difference to, for example, your dishonest claim to have pictures which "prove" that the gas chamber @ Dachau was a functional shower room?
One notes that, despite making the post to begin with, Saggy is unable to document that this money actually exists. Just like zir inability to come up with those pics zie claimed proved the gas chamber @ Dachau was a functional shower room...
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