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Aside from the central fallacy that the absence of a tattoo on Weisel's arm somehow invalidates the totality of evidence regarding the Holocaust, the greater horror here is that anyone is even asking whether or not the Holocaust happened.

Considering that the National Archives hold nearly all of the available Nazi records, or at least facsimiles of them, including the blueprints for the death camps, considering how over the years those same records have been used to try and convict war criminals from World War II, and considering there have been very few of those convictions overturned, it leaves me wondering what sort of monster questions that this happened.

At no point was Adolf Eichmann's conviction challenged with factual evidence. The man himself was proud to declare that he killed Jews. His sole "defense" is that he was simply following orders, a defense that didn't do Lynndie England any more good than it did Eichmann. There are literally volumes of photographs of the dead, the instruments used to kill them, and reams of testimony of those who not only suffered at the hands of the Nazis, but testimony from the Nazis themselves, proud to have committed one of the most notorious examples of genocide in recorded history.

We have artifacts from the time, including the structures built to kill the Jews, Gypsies, mentally ill, politically inconvenient, morally upstanding. We have the writings of Bonhoeffer, among others, who stood against the Nazis and paid for it with his life. We have the nightmarish record from William Shirer, who traced the whole disaster from Hitler's time in a WWI hospital, where he claimed he was a victim of a mustard gas poisoning, to the ignominious end as Germany collapsed in a charred, smoking ruin, divided into four sectors to be ruled until it could re-establish self-rule. We have the testimony of the survivors of the Death Camps, and from those who managed to live through the war, as well as their children.

The Holocaust happened.

I have met survivors of this horror. I have seen the marks on their arms, but more often than not, what I've seen of the elderly is a dark smudge where the numbers used to be. The ink fades; the nightmare never will.

It is nothing short of barbaric that in this day and age, because some think it's convenient, or that this will imbue them with a degree of power, that there's some who will deny a historically documented event, an age when one of the most civilized nations on the Earth chose to cast aside its integrity, its honor, its moral courage, and that it did so as a betrayal of those who had served in its military, served in its government, and had enriched Germany's culture, history, and intellect.

The Holocaust happened. Denying it does not change that. It was every bit as real an event as the Armenian Genocide, as the massacres across the American Great Plains. It was an evil act, and it should be remembered.

And trying to smear Elie Weisel because his tattoo is not entirely visible, that the ink has faded, simply undercuts the claims of any and all who want us to believe this horror never happened.

Damn you. Every single one of you deniers. Damn you all.
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