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Originally Posted by Saggy View Post
From Eichmann's final statement at his hoax trial ...

"If I had received the order to carry out these killings, I would not have escaped by using a trumped up pretext; during my interrogation I already stated: Since because of the compulsion exerted by an order there was no way out, I would have put a bullet through my brain in order to solve the conflict between conscience and duty."

Eichmann actually thought he was going to be freed. He said everything the court wanted him to say.

That's right, Eichmann denied that he ever personally committed murder.

But then, he also said:

I understand the demand for atonement for the crimes which were perpetrated against the Jews. The witnesses' statements here in the Court made my limbs go numb once again, just as they went numb when once, acting on orders, I had to look at the atrocities. It was my misfortune to become entangled in these atrocities. But these misdeeds did not happen according to my wishes. It was not my wish to slay people. The guilt for the mass murder is solely that of the political leaders.
What crimes and atrocities and misdeeds and mass murders do you think he was referring to, Saggy? Remember, he was already found guilty, and knew this, so had no further reason to say anything "the court wanted him to say?"

Höss was the one who actually carried out the mass killings.
Which mass killings, Saggy?

...I was considered to be the person who was responsible for everything. The reason for this lies in the fact that the National Socialists of the time and others have spread untruths about me. They wanted to exonerate themselves at my expense...
Exonerate themselves from what, Saggy?

I thank my Counsel, who has insisted on my rights.
Which directly refutes your "hoax trial" lie, Saggy.

Have you doung those pics which prove the Dachau gas chamber was actually a functional shower room, yet?

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