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Remember, he was already found guilty, and knew this, so had no further reason to say anything "the court wanted him to say?"
He was obviously appealing for clemency. He was not dead. He had not been executed. He had every reason to try to convince the court not to execute him, which is exactly what he was trying to do.

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Which directly refutes your "hoax trial" lie, Saggy.
In the normal course of a court trial there is a plea of not-guilty and then a trial. In the course of a hoax trial there is a confession, and then a trial. Eichmann 'confessed' to everything the Jews wanted, yet they tried him. That was a classic hoax trial. Expect to see another shortly ? in the case of Khalid Shaik Mohammad.

There is an telling side light - I think it was discussed on this forum - where the prosecution showed a movie containing a scene of severed heads in a bucket, no identification of who took the movie, where it was taken, who the heads belonged to, why they were killed, absolutely nothing ... and Eichmann's 'defense' council gave it his tacit OK. A macabre farce.

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Have you doung those pics

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