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Originally Posted by TSR View Post
... because the "just following orders" defense had been so successful for other Nazis before.
I think it was successful in many trials, but I don't have the data. Many Nazis were given a few years only, and many had those sentences shortened.

Originally Posted by TSR View Post
Another lie.
Well, I wanted to look this up to bookmark the ref ... so I did ... the thread was 'Soviets Faked Footage at Auschwitz'

Originally Posted by Saggy View Post
Haha .... from the 'rebuttal' it appears that no one knows where the film came from. But no problem

..... let's check the 'authentication' process ...

Attorney General: With the Court's permission, last night we screened the films - which the Court will now see - in the

presence of representatives of the Prosecution, and in the presence of Dr. Servatius and nine identification witnesses.

They are: Mrs. Salzberger, Mr. Hoch, Mr. Aviel, Mr. Melkman, Mr. Ben-Zvi, Mr. Bakon, Mrs. Kagan, Mr. Chen and Mr. Aharon

Hoter-Yishai. As a result of the screening, Defence Counsel agreed that, indeed, each of the witnesses identified a

portion of the pictures, and hence, in this way, the entire screening was authenticated. I understand that Defence Counsel

does not insist that the oath be administered to these identifying witnesses, but they are present here, at the Court's

disposal, should the Court desire further authentication from them or to put additional questions to them.

Presiding Judge: That means there will be no testimony..

This degenerate trash was used against Eichmann without a word of authentication. How grotesque can the Israeli court

be? Answer: there is no limit.
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