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I agree.

As I see it, the only way we could become Venus-like is if all of our oceans suddenly vapourized within minutes (or at least most of it to permanently alter the hydrological cycle). Maybe a catastrophic event happened on Venus that vapourized all the water, or perhaps it never formed water in the first place.

So long as there is evaporation (hydrological cycle), we have a pretty steady range of barometric pressure limitations going on. Water has less mass than gas in the air. More moisture, pressure drops, less moisture, pressure rises. That plays a huge role on earth's surface (at sea level) temp min/max possibilities.

... but as for Venus, I've often wondered if rotation speed/direction plays a role in any of that as to how and why it evolved to what it is today. Or maybe it just simply boils down to the very beginning of how a planet's formation starts off that determines the path of evolution it'll see.

Or maybe I just think too damn much.

Edit to the edit.
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