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Originally Posted by ben m View Post
...But Zig is not, as far as I can tell, claiming anything different...
Well, then one of us is reading his responses improperly, if it is I, I apologize for the improper charaterization, but I have a hard time reconciling the following statements with that understanding:

"...So the fact that Venus's atmosphere is so much thicker than Earth's atmosphere is the primary cause of its dramatically higher surface temperature. Conversely, Mars has a much thinner atmosphere, and is much colder, despite being primarily CO2..."

"...That's why Death Valley is so damned hot: it's below sea level..."

"...This isn't about a nullification of greenhouse effects. It's about the relative sizes of effects. And atmospheric thickness effects will dominate over greenhouse effects when you want to discuss the difference in surface temperature between, say, Earth and Venus..."
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