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US confirms two more victims + tourist fears he was targeted years ago

At this point it appears as if any kind of ailment counts as a symptom of the alleged attacks:
(my italics and (!), dann)
U.S. confirms two more victims in Cuba sonic attacks, bringing total to 24
The U.S. has said that vestibular, cognitive, vision (!) and other (!) problems (!) have been reported by the victims, with some experiencing memory and balance issues, headaches and ringing in the ears.
(, Oct. 20, 2017)

The article about the tourist is very long, but it now seems as if the 'attacks' started years ago:
American tourist says Cuba’s sonic attack may have hit him
One troubling fact is true for tourists and embassy workers alike: There’s no test (!) to definitively (!) say who was attacked with a mysterious, unseen weapon and whose symptoms might be entirely unrelated. The United States hasn’t disclosed what criteria prove its assertion that 22 embassy workers and their spouses are “medically confirmed” victims.
To me this sounds as if anything goes in this case!
The story continues:
After spending his first day walking the city, he checked into room 1414 of the recently refurbished Hotel Capri. Within minutes of going to bed, he started losing feeling.
The tingling originated in his toes, like that prickly feeling when your foot falls asleep. It spread into his ankles and calves, then to his fingertips. He got up to investigate, and the sensation went away. He got back in bed. The tingling returned, reaching his hands, forearms, ears, cheek and neck.[/i]
Unless he was sleeping on a vibrating mattress (or dreamed/hallucinated the whole thing), I don't know how to explain his symptoms.
But when he heard about the recent alleged sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats/spies, he immediately recognized them as fellow sufferers:
“I wanted to wave a flag and be like, I know this, I know what it is like to stay there and have something weird (!) happen to your body and not be able to explain it,” Allen said in an hour-long interview in his office in Charleston.
(, Oct. 19, 2017)

CBS News also tells his story:
Tourist fears he was hit by mystery attack in Cuba, years before diplomats (CBS, Oct. 19, 2017)
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