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Originally Posted by Checkmite View Post
The facts, as presented by the government, are:
3. Somatic symptoms were later experienced by personnel sent to Havana to investigate the initial complaints.

5. The recordings had many different sounds on them, but a particular sonic element common to the various recordings was found and isolated for further study, and a clip of this isolated element was provided to the AP (the sound you hear in the videos linked above).
D. That the element in the sound clip released to the AP is the only thing in the recordings the government investigators find interesting or potentially important.

Any impressions you have of the situation so far that aren't consistent with all of the above, come from speculation being reported with more weight than it ought.
On pt 3: Investigators sent to Cuba to investigate the attacks also got attacked? I can not locate such a claim.Can you tell me where you got that information?

On pt 5: The AP doesn't say where they obtained this recording or why they would assume it to be authentic. No sources are cited, even in a general way such as "sources close to the investigation..." They seem to be self-referencing - reporting a story about a recording that they themselves released as if they are the source. Did I miss an article somewhere?

AP said the Navy and State Dept. did not comment on it.

So, where did it come from? Who recorded it? And why should anyone take it seriously?
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