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It occurred to me that I myself have experienced the symptoms described by the American tourist mentioned above - several years before I went to Cuba for the first time:
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American tourist says Cuba’s sonic attack may have hit him
After spending his first day walking the city, he checked into room 1414 of the recently refurbished Hotel Capri. Within minutes of going to bed, he started losing feeling.
The tingling originated in his toes (Remember: "After spending his first day walking the city …"), like that prickly feeling when your foot falls asleep. It spread into his ankles and calves, then to his fingertips. He got up to investigate, and the sensation went away. He got back in bed. The tingling returned, reaching his hands, forearms, ears, cheek and neck.
(my italics, dann, also in the following quotes)
These sensations occur in many people when they use the relaxation technique called autogenic training:

Some people however may experience the relaxation as lightness or tingling or some other sensation. I say that the particular subjective experience isn't important - simply treat my remarks about "heaviness" as a code word for whatever you personally experience as you allow a deepening relaxation response.
She may experience feelings of tingling or even a temporary numbness in some part of the body

So the irony here is that this guy got all worked up when he experienced something that was actually signs that he was relaxing.
When you use this technique deliberately, you focus on your extremities: hands and/or feet, and usually you will soon feel warmth (and/or heaviness, and/or tingling). The sensation quickly disappears if you focus on something else - in particular, if you also get out of bed like he did! But, of course, if you don't do this deliberately and think that the tingling sensations are a sign that something is wrong with you, you may get scared and start annoying MDs for however long they put up with your hypochondria.
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