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Exclamation Sol88's insnaity of citing a 15 year old clays and cabonates finding

Sol88's insanity of citing a 15 year old clays and carbonates finding.
Read Sol88 confirms his insanity that A'Hearn stated that comets are actual rocks by quoting A'Hearn stating that Tempel 1 had "snowbank" outer layers. for Sol88 showing he is insane with his previous links to the 15 year old discovery of clays and carbonates in the Deep Impact ejecta from Tempel 1.
Sol88 has been ranting about Comets: looking ahead (2017 May 29) probably since it was published.
A'Hearn wrote "As noted above, there were great advances from the Stardust mission, particularly the clear demonstration that cometary silicate grains had been transported from near the Sun to the region of cometary formation, ..."
That is evidence that any kind of grains near the Sun can transport to the region of cometary formation. Thus my The clays and carbonates formed in the inner, early, hot solar system and migrated outward by radiation pressure. summary of the explanation. Maybe not just radiation pressure - freshly formed stars also have much stronger solar winds.
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