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Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
Yet again, we're in complete agreement, although you might have the nil and minimal back to front.

The only thing that surprises me is that people are either surprised or think it will make a blind bit of difference.

I'd be prepared to bet Prince Andrew will travel to America to face a trial over his underage sex exploits before there are any consequences of the Pandora Papers.
What surprises me is how swiftly meek acquiescence is declared, and belief persists in the lack of real consequence. In this case, assume you are correct and it "makes no difference" in policy or practice. It will nevertheless make, and is making, a profound difference today. I realize this is hard, but should you care to do so, you might provide insights into the deficit-driven boom and bust cycles since 1980, just for starters, and provide your solution.

So far, not a soul has been able to put up any meaningful dukes.
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